Dezember 21, 2015
»The Biggest Communication Problem Is We Do Not Listen To Understand. We Listen To Reply.«    
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  1. John Gimpel
    John Gimpel: Nicely done @NormanVinnDO plenary AT Still Address @AOAforDOs HOD and loved the VUCA reference, “strategic conversa…

  2. Kris Schaeffer
    Kris Schaeffer: In our VUCA world, we don't mark milestones. Read Charles Vogl's book -- Art of Community -- about 7 markers that b…

  3. VUCA
    VUCA: The long-standing religious memes around today the ones that interested me are much more likely to buy a physical copy.

  4. kyohko kayama
    kyohko kayama: 今宵はNunzio Gallo 🏞️Torna a Vuca’🏞️Vurria 🏞️Sti mmane🏞️Sedici anni聴きつつ♪…寝苦しい真夏の夜に聞くは. カンッォーネ (╹◡╹)ょん❣️ こ…

  5. Kyohko Kayama
    Kyohko Kayama: 今宵はNunzio Gallo 🏞️Torna a Vuca’🏞️Vurria 🏞️Sti mmane🏞️Sedici anni聴きつつ♪…寝苦しい真夏の夜に聞くは,カンッォーネ (╹◡╹)ょん❣️ この…