März 2015
[dropcap]25 %[/dropcap]25% of organizations report their leaders are not VUCA-capable.   [dropcap]3 x[/dropcap]Organizations whose leaders are VUCA-capable are three times more likely to have financial Performance commensurate with the top 20 percent. Interesse an Lösungen für eine VUKA-Welt? Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier: [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’12px‘ class=’green‘] #VUKA-Welt Quelle:  [tbicon icon=’icon-right-1′ size=’12px‘ class=’green‘] Global Leadership Forecast...
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  1. Buzz_Bot
    Buzz_Bot: Mijn lessons learned: zelfverzekerde brand managers vermarkten een visionaire core business, waarbij enige op diver…

  2. kuruto
    kuruto: 第2部「組織の身体性を考える」で、1.VUCAにおける新体制の可能性 2.センス&レスポンス 3.頭(計画)と身体(感覚)のメリットを最大化する"人間らしい"仕事 4.身体・リズム・組織 5.良い組織のシンプルな真実

  3. VUCA
    VUCA: If you are an instruction-obeying mechanism, you will be saying, and I know what he wanted and wrote it down.

  4. Christophe Suizdak
    Christophe Suizdak: How military experience could drive your business management success! Your structure is your strategy and enable yo…

  5. Dany Morales
    Dany Morales: @Fer_Aheddo Vuca por siempre :)