Januar 2011
Das Management-Portal hat auch für das Jahr 2010 wieder die populärsten Managementkonzepte erhoben: 1. 14 Principles of Management, Fayol (1) 2. Five Forces, Porter (2) 3. Mind Mapping, Buzan (3) 4. SWOT Analyse (4) 5. Break Even Analyse (10) 6. Value Chain, Porter (7) 7. Marketing Mix, McCarthy (5) 8. Organisation Chart (-) 9....
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The top 10 Global Project Management Trends for 2011 include such key themes as building the project manager’s (PM) influence, accelerating new leadership and communication skills, and increased use of informal learning approaches such as social media and experiential training. A global panel of consultants and senior executives assembled by ESI identified the trends. Leadership...
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  1. Sally Rhodes
    Sally Rhodes: VUCA is being used a lot at moment, I love the way these sketch notes summarise so much information.

  2. VUCA
    VUCA: Notice what different aspects of the universe and ask for his help.

  3. Plötzlich Chefin
    Plötzlich Chefin: „#Agilität ist das Schlagwort, wenn es um die Antwort auf VUCA geht. Eine der größten Hürden bildet die Führungs- u…

  4. VUCA
    VUCA: Mind viruses are spread by something as simple as possible; the more you can give back in meaningless concessions.

  5. Manoj Joshi