August 2010
Eine interessante Umfrage der International Association of Facilitators (IAF) aus dem Juli 2010: With what sorts of colleagues do you typically co-facilitate? The results were: I facilitate alone, without co-facilitation – 33 % I facilitate with other facilitators like myself- 40% I facilitate with graphic facilitators or cartoonists- 0% I facilitate with artists (visual artists,...
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  1. Movistar pymes
    Movistar pymes: La evolución hacia lo digital no es una opción y las #pymes no pueden estar al margen por…

  2. John Bennett
    John Bennett: @DCulberhouse @wordpressdotcom VUCA new to me - but yes, the new world (though I think to make a difference, one ha…

  3. kompleksibot
    kompleksibot: -vuca-digitaleverything-all things 2.

  4. Circulator38

  5. VUCA
    VUCA: It should be a war of maneuver is just as subject to memetic evolution as all other institutions.